It is inevitable that there would be a few small errors in a 348 page book. Here are the corrections I’ve fished out so far:


Page 94:

The Marinaro Flies are identified as being in photo #4 when they are in photo #5. The flies in photo #4 are Partridge & Orange Spiders on a black & white engraving from John Bickerdyke’s “Angling For Game Fish” 1889.

Page 96:

The Yorkshire Spider flies in Photos #1 & #2 were tied circa 1880 by Henry Walbran Cooper: #1 being a Smoke Fly and #2 being a Dark Watchet.

In photo #4, the hand colored plate of mayflies is from Preston Jennings “A Book of Trout Flies” 1935.

Page 182:

The early rods from Per’s collection include three Edward rods (two on the left and the one on the right) as well as a Per Brandin-built rod (third from the left) that he built as an homage to Edwards.

Purple salmon fly pattern